BREAKING: Secret Service Saved Trump From Deadly Attack – MSM SILENT

We need to keep the prayers flowing for the President. With all the hateful rhetoric and out of control leftist mobs out there the Secret Service needs to be on their toes.

Thanks to all who protect the President of the United States!

From CT:

This should go without saying, but being president of the United States is not easy.

It’s a thankless job, where no matter what you do, there will be some section of the population left unhappy. There are the endless hours of work. There’s the fact that anything and everything you do will be under intense scrutiny.

There’s also the important fact that, as the most powerful man in America, there will be people looking to kill you.

President Donald Trump last year reportedly was the target of a credible threat last year, but was safe after Secret Service foiled an assassination attempt led by the Islamic State group, according to a report scheduled to air Sunday as a National Geographic special titled “United States Secret Service: On the Front Line.”

Check out a preview here:

Despite the gravity of such a situation, the establishment media has willfully ignored this bombshell story, opting instead to focus on other ways to paint Trump as a racist, or somehow undeserving of Americans’ support.

It’s an active disservice to Americans to bury such a story, considering the amount of time and effort that goes into protecting the president. The fact that the story could easily become a Hollywood movie only makes it worse that the mainstream media has been so quiet about this report.

As The Daily Beast noted, the events took place in November 2017 when, barely a year into his presidency, Trump was slated to go to the ASEAN 50 summit to meet with various South Asian leaders.

It was for this trip that the Secret Service heard “credible information” about an Islamic State group-led attempt on Trump’s life.

“There is credible information that an incident could occur during ASEAN,” Special Agent Audrey Gibson, the reported “eyes and ears” of Trump’s security detail preparing for the trip to Manila, said on the National Geographic special, according to The Daily Beast.

“As of this week, the Philippines has escalated to a critical threat level,” Gibson added.

As Trump prepared to board Air Force One for his trip to the Philippines, the Secret Service detail was made aware of a tweet that read “Gonna be in Manila the same time as Trump… I’ll take one for the team lads,” according to The Daily Beast. The tweet was accompanied by a mug shot of notorious presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

After tracking the IP address of the threat, The Daily Beast reported, the Secret Service discovered that the tweet did, in fact, originate from a residence just a short distance away from the hotel where Trump was staying. With a threat and nearby proximity established, the Secret Service continued to monitor the man.

“With social media, there’s software that can scroll through all of [the threats] at a much faster rate than any human can do it, so in some regards it makes it easier. But the bread and butter of what we do is the human element — and the people that work the mission — and that’s never going to change,” Gibson told the Daily Beast.

Newsweek reported:

“The agents tracked down the ISIS operative in a park approximately 1 mile away from Trump’s hotel. The operative was meeting with an “associate” when Secret Service members apprehended them.

The Philippines became an attraction for ISIS after jihadis started being forced out of Middle Eastern countries. Last year, the group stormed and held the Philippine city of Marawi last year, killing more than 1,100 people and displacing hundreds of thousands more. After ISIS controlled Marawi for five months, Duterte’s forces drove out the militants and declared the city safe in October 2017, a month before Trump’s arrival in Manila.

The failed assassination attempt in Manila is not the first threat against Trump intercepted by the Secret Service. Earlier this month, agents confirmed that they confiscated a “suspicious envelope” addressed to the president. The agency said it was investigating the matter.”

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