After Reporter Attacks Sarah Sanders’ Weight, Sarah’s MOM Lets Hell Break Lose On Him

As a representative for President Donald Trump, the White Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders faces a lot of lousy situations.

Saturday Night Live show went too far with their video.

Also, one LA Times columnist shared some harsh comments about her.

According to Liberty Writers, Saturday Night Live used the phrase “southern hamburger” to joke about Sanders’ weight. The conservatives reacted with a lot of negative comments towards the SNL, but that didn’t stop the harassment.

Last Saturday, SNL made a terrible parody of Sarah Sanders. They showed her rubbing her breasts and spinning around the whole press briefing room.

Furthermore, two newspaper columnists continued the spree of harassments against Sarah. LA Times reported David Horsey claimed that Sarah “looks more like a slightly chunky soccer mom who organizes snacks for the kids’ games.” Also, he shared a cartoon in which he called her a “big mother.”

All of these harassments angered Sarah’s mother. After she saw the article in the newspaper, she decided to send a letter to the journalist, which the LA Times refused to print. However, the journalist decided to share the information with a reporter from New York Times. He stated: “She was mad, but she was good about it. It wasn’t anything like the really nasty stuff.”

It is expected from Mrs. Huckabee to be calm and polite. That is something that the whole family owns as a characteristic. They always show class and Christianity.

The reporters have nothing on the White Press secretary and since they cannot mess with the work that she is doing, they had to overreact on a physical appearance.

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2 thoughts on “After Reporter Attacks Sarah Sanders’ Weight, Sarah’s MOM Lets Hell Break Lose On Him

  1. The Sorry ass reporter should be sued for character assault. It takes a REAL lowlife to attack a LADY about her weight. He is a SORRY ASS FRICKEN EXCUSE OF A HUMAN BEING. TOTALLY PATHETIC

  2. Susana Tawake

    What they say and do says a lot of who they are in character, family values (If any), what’s stored in heart, (evil, envy, wicked etc.) and a lot more. The Press Secretary shows otherwise and that is who she is… got what I’m saying. God bless the Huckabee family for their family values, integrity, goodwill, and the many values not shared. Most of all thank you for your services to our country the USA. God bless.

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