Freed Pastor Meets With Trump And Hits Hard Him With A POWERFUL Prayer!

There’s nothing more powerful than prayer and President Trump knows this more than any president we’ve had in power recently.

Its great to see a man who int afraid to be christian and do whats right. Democrats were probably foaming at the mouth over this in disgust as one again President Trump has done an incredible thing for Freedom.

Lets see how they try to spin this tomorrow.

More from the Washington Post:

Pastor Andrew Brunson, freed Friday after being detained in a Turkish prison for nearly two years, flew home to the United States on Saturday, hugged his children on the tarmac of Joint Base Andrews outside Washington and then headed to the White House, where he knelt in prayer as he held his hand on the shoulder of President Trump.

The Oval Office visit punctuated a tumultuous two days for the soft-spoken Brunson, 50, who on Friday did not know what his fate would be and feared that he would be sentenced to as many as 35 years in prison.

“From a Turkish prison to the White House in 24 hours, that’s not bad,” Trump said.

The pastor, a longtime resident of Turkey, had been arrested along with thousands of other people after an unsuccessful 2016 coup attempt. He was accused of aiding the movement led by the alleged mastermind, Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen, who lives in Pennsylvania and is a political foe of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“It was hard for him, and really the Lord pulled him through,” his wife, Norine, said near the close of the White House gathering.

The pastor had been out of prison and under house arrest in Turkey since July. On Friday, a prosecutor asked that Brunson be convicted of the charges and sent back to prison. The judges found him guilty but then sentenced him to time served and removed a travel ban.

The pastor then had to act quickly. Under Turkish law, the prosecutor could appeal the verdict, said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, who had witnessed the trial proceedings in Turkey on Friday.

“There was a window there, and we needed to get him out of the country before Erdogan or somebody there changed their mind,” said Perkins, who had observed Friday’s trial in his capacity as a commissioner of the U.S. International Commission on Religious Freedom.

They raced back to the Brunsons’ apartment, gathered belongings and hurried to the airport while Turkish media swarmed. A military plane took off Friday night and spirited them to Germany. When Brunson landed overnight in Germany, Richard Grenell, the U.S. ambassador to Germany, presented him with an American flag. The pastor held it up to his face and kissed it.

Brunson was taken to a U.S. military hospital in Germany on Friday night, where he was examined. After a few hours of rest, the Brunsons and Perkins flew back to the United States.

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