POLL: Do You Think That Barack Obama Should LEAVE Politics?…

For Barack Obama, the past eight years have been quite a whirlwind as the president of the United States. With his presidency drawing to a close, his farewell address on Tuesday struck a note of hope, just as he did back in 2008 when he was elected.

Speaking in Chicago, Obama covered a range of topics from what he’d done during his presidency, to highlighting threats against democracy such as inequality and race divisions.

With the inauguration ceremony for Donald Trump due in just over a week, questions are now starting to emerge over what the future holds for the outgoing president. Will Obama stick to his political roots or venture into other fields?

“He’s fifty five (years old), this guy’s young. Politically, he still has life – he’ll be writing and so forth,” Peter Trubowitz, professor of international relations and director of the U.S. Centre at London School of Economics, told CNBC Wednesday.

“The thing I expect him to do is focus his attention actually to almost go back full circle to life as a community organizer – I don’t mean as a community organizer.”

POLL: Do You Think That Barack Obama Should LEAVE Politics?…


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