Racist Reporter Runs Her Mouth, Then Sanders Puts Her In Her Place With 3 Brutal Words

White House correspondent April Ryan has more than proven herself to be a racist through her constant and desperate attempts to pervert President Donald Trump’s words. Unfortunately for her, she may have run her mouth for the last time as White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has had enough — and she put the entitled snob in her place with just 3 brutal words.

Chief of Staff John Kelly ticked off the left when he recently said that the Civil War happened because of a “lack of compromise.” Of course, they would have rather said it was over slavery – but that’s really not true when it comes down to it.

Although slavery was a central issue at the time, it all really boils down to tyranny. From the South’s position, they saw a government that was overstepping their bounds and infringing on the rights of the state. As we all know, once a powerful entity like that gets away with it once, it’s only a matter of time before it happens again – ergo the South’s decision to secede from the Union in an attempt to enact its own form of government.

Knowing full well that they weren’t going to get what they wanted in the long run (slavery being just one of the issues that were on the table at the time), they fired on Fort Sumter. Unfortunately, all these political correct liberals have apparently lost the will to do their own research and learn what actually happened, and the only thing they want to focus on is the slavery part of the Civil War.

Proving that most recently is April Ryan, a White House correspondent and bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks — and she has made her racist mentality more than known. Attacking President Donald Trump at every turn, the woman has actively tried to paint our President as a white supremacist through a pathetic line of questioning, spanning the past year.

Sadly, yesterday was no different as she decided to run her mouth again, with perhaps her most disturbing question yet. In all, she hoped to back White House press secretary Sanders into a corner by asking her about President Trump’s stance on slavery, as Mediate reports.

Starting out, April Ryan inquired, “What is the definition of compromise as it relates to slavery and the Civil War?” Saying that the Union had tried to compromise by allowing the South to keep their slaves, she apparently wanted to desperately demonstrate that somehow John Kelly’s remarks and the given history must mean that Trump thinks slavery should still be around, as asinine as that sounds to any person with an ounce of common sense.

As if her pathetic stretch to attack the White House wasn’t bad enough, her line of questioning only went to show her ignorance on the matter since the Civil War was about so much more than slavery, as she herself seemed to inadvertently admit by pointing out that the Union tried to compromise by allowing slavery in the South but the Confederacy fired on Fort Sumter, regardless of this proposed compromise. Too bad for her, Sanders wasn’t in the mood for Ryan’s typical racist bullcrap and decided to put her in her place.

Although Sanders usually spends quite some time to answer questions, she wasn’t about to dignify this pathetic excuse for a question with a lengthy response. “I think it is disgusting and absurd to suggest anyone inside this building would support slavery,” Sanders simply said before moving onto the next question, according to Fox News. Disgusting and absurd, indeed.

The left is really getting out of control when it comes to their attempts to attack President Donald Trump. Too bad for them, it’s now to the point that they’re really just showing just how misinformed they really are. In April Ryan’s case, she may want to open a history book – it might do her a few favors in the future when it comes to not looking like a fool.

One thought on “Racist Reporter Runs Her Mouth, Then Sanders Puts Her In Her Place With 3 Brutal Words

  1. Harriet Downie

    Any idiot that uses the ruse of slavery is a racist!. We have come too far and using the confederate flag as a sign of slavery is also a ruse and those who use these are racists. So tired of the racist card being used along with all these shady little scams . it’s time to move forward and quit the lies and bull crap being handed out

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